How to make an introduction to a report?

The introduction of a report must be very specific, it must make clear what the report will be about and to what objectives it responds. To make this text well, let’s see what the introduction of a report should have:

  • Raise the issue: start the report defining at once the subject of the same, whether it is economic, social, internships or a specific case of study. Defines the theme and the field in which it develops.
  • Define the objectives: present the objectives that will guide the realization of the work, for this you must have done the work first, having verified that the objectives were achieved. Remember that in the introduction you show where you are going but you do not advance the results.
  • It shows the scope: that is, it establishes from the beginning where the report is going, what aspects of the situation it seeks to study and solve. Here you must also include the theoretical assumptions that support your task.
  • It establishes a time: generally the report is made when the process has been completed, for them it is a report of what has been done, what has been studied. This being the case, you must present the time that the study lasted and reveal the possible variables that influenced the realization of the study.

Introduction examples for a report

In the following examples let’s see how the introduction of a report is done

Example 1: Report: The school integration of children with motor conditions in ordinary education.

Education is a universal right, every child has the right to be educated and even more so when the educational modality is public. Therefore, placing a medical condition as a barrier to a child’s school income is a direct violation of their right.

The child must be not only received at school but must be integrated regardless of their condition and accompanied in the learning process. They should be allowed to be part of a classroom, interrelate with the other children in the classroom and carry out the activities they perform, even if they require adaptation.

In order to know a little about the reality of school integration in Mexico, we have set ourselves the objective of reviewing the legal documentation regarding educational and disability matters. To investigate the level of training in integration and disability of teaching staff of public schools and the educational integration modality in which children with motor disabilities are integrated.

The report is developed in the field of three public schools in the state of Querétaro and has been carried out during the threemonth period.

Example 2: Report: Dropout and poverty

For no one is a secret that the school dropout exists, month after month there are hundreds of children and young people who leave the school classrooms, the sad thing is that this desertion is usually due to a lack of economic resources that help sustain them in the schools

As much as there is a free education modality and as much as there are school support plans, if the student’s living conditions are not adequate for their learning, this will be a reason to leave school.

Poverty, lack of food, costs of notebooks and books, clothing, transportation, lack of employment or precarious employment conditions of parents; all this influences the school dropout.

Therefore, in this work we wanted to know a little more in depth the socioeconomic reality of a group of children between 8 and 12 years old who have abandoned their studies in the municipality of Pinal de Amoles of the state of Querétaro in Mexico.

Our investigation was carried out over 5 months and the results obtained are presented in detail in this report.

In these two examples we can see how to prepare the introduction of a report is not a difficult task, we only need to state concisely the subject and the steps that will be followed in the work based on the study of it.