How to do the introduction of an essay?

The essay is a very argumentative type of text, it always shows the way of thinking of its author. Based on this, the introduction of a book is done presenting from the beginning the subject to be addressed.

In this sense, the introduction shows the reader the topic but from the author’s point of view, it includes a personal reasoning that allows the reader to understand from the beginning the ground he is standing on, the reason for that topic and where his treatment is headed.

Therefore, in order to carry out the introduction of an essay, you must present the topic to be discussed as well as the personal vision you have of it. Let’s see the following example to guide us and know how to start the introduction of an essay.

Example of an introduction to an essay:

Title: Fake News the new fashion

We move every day in a world full of information, full of options to know and ignore. What digital platforms currently offer with their rapidity to show, in a few seconds, what happens miles away, has been as positive as negative for the general public.

Not counting the lack of journalistic ethics that currently fills even the most recognized newspapers and information publishers, the Fake News has now become the new trend in misinformation. Headlines loaded with sensationalism, exaggeration and falsehood are the new means of communication, serious and not so serious, to attract the attention of those who read.

The Fake News was born to stay, sadly, from that day when, as a joke, an American announcer would narrate to his radio listeners, as a joke, what the invasion of the city by aliens was, ending the chaos real city.

Today the Fake News are a real suffering, they are everywhere, social networks, press portals, WhatsApp chains and many other modern forms of communication. They are false news in their entirety, that badly put some, uncontrolled others and misinform all.

Throughout this dissertation we will explore this media phenomenon, its scope and implications in society. Is it possible to stop the Fake News when its main intention is to generate large economic profits in a few seconds through visits to the portals that publish them ?, Can ordinary people trust what we read even in the pages of newspapers? Does serious and tall journalism still exist? Where can we confirm the information when the same press portals echo it? Where is the profession of the journalist of these times going?

There are so many questions that arise but one thing is for sure, behind the Fakes News there is a double intention always, on the one hand economic interest, on the other the interest of generating controversy on a particular issue. buy essays online for college

With the previous example it can be seen that the introduction of an essay is part of the body of the essay itself, there is only know how to organize the ideas from the beginning and then continue with the approach.